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Saltwater Aquarium Design & Installation Services

Custom Aquarium Concepts, Inc. designs and installs custom saltwater reef aquariums for residential and commercial clients throughout the Greater Washington D.C. area. Our work covers the entire range of custom aquariums imaginable – from small glass tabletop saltwater aquariums to multi-thousand gallon custom acrylic in-wall reefs. We have worked with hundreds of clients over the past 20 years to bring the colorful, relaxing and restorative benefits of aquatic therapy to homeowners and corporate clients.

Aquarium Maintenance
Aquarium Maintenance

Custom Aquarium Design Services

The design of custom saltwater aquariums is a combination of art and science. We plan the entire project from start to finish by coordinating with the architects, builders, and designers needed to create your ocean. We develop the design in a consultative fashion, meeting with you and others involved in the artistic aspects of the aquarium. We develop the specifications for the structural and supporting components (such as tanks, in-wall and columnar support systems, filtration and lighting designs, plumbing specifications, sump and water circulation systems, filtration room design and more) and provide them to all trades. We act as the project manager to ensure all work is completed as required, visiting the site as necessary to keep the project moving to completion.

Aquarium Installation Services

When the design and construction phases are complete and the aquarium is ready to be installed, we move quickly to ensure the aquarium will be ready when you are. We handle the physical installation process, and once the aquarium is completely installed and tested we will begin the stocking process. This is the fun part and also combines aspects of art and science. You can choose your fish and corals with our guidance, or rely entirely on our artistic vision and deep knowledge of fish and coral species to ensure the finished aquarium meets your goals. At this point we begin regular service and maintain your aquarium or train you to do it.

Custom Aquarium Concepts has designed and installed numerous types of aquarium systems, including:

  • Centerpiece tanks
  • Corner tanks
  • Cylinder tanks
  • Framed tanks
  • In-cabinet tanks
  • In-wall tanks
  • Room divider tanks

We’ll help improve the appearance and enjoyment of your home or commercial location with a custom designed, professionally installed saltwater reef aquarium.

Aquarium Maintenance

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As a leading provider of custom design and installation services for reef tanks in the Washington, D.C. area, we invite you to reach out to us and learn how we can help you enjoy the benefits of a saltwater aquarium in your home or commercial location. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you in reaching your saltwater aquarium goals.