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Complete Range of Saltwater Reef Aquarium Services

Professional Aquarium Services for Over 20 Years

Custom Aquarium Concepts, Inc. specializes in the creation and maintenance of beautiful reef aquariums for residential and commercial clients throughout the Greater Washington, D.C. area. Since 1996, we have provided outstanding aquarium consultation, design, installation, maintenance, and evaluation services for discerning saltwater aquarium enthusiasts.

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We provide maintenance service for tanks ranging from 30 gallons to multi-thousand gallon reefs. Our custom design and installation capabilities cover all aspects, and we act as project managers to ensure your saltwater reef aquarium meets your exacting requirements.

Custom Aquarium Concepts also provides evaluation and maintenance practices review. Whether you are a do-it-yourself reef enthusiast who wants an evaluation of the current state of your existing setup and recommendations for improvements or you are currently using a different provider and want a second opinion and guidance, we’re here to help.

We take a hands-on, ecologically sensitive and sustainable approach to each client engagement, from sustainable recommendation of fish and coral stocks to employing carefully designed and calibrated maintenance methodologies. In concert with our industry leading suppliers, we work to ensure that wild saltwater marine stocks receive the protection they require; recommending and offering only those species that will thrive in an aquarium setting and offering numerous captive bred species when available.

Aquarium Maintenance

Our scheduled saltwater aquarium maintenance services keep your marine habitat healthy and thriving so that you can stick to feeding the fish and enjoying your living art. Custom Aquarium Concepts’ experienced and discreet staff maintains your saltwater reef in optimal condition by providing your saltwater reef inhabitants exactly what they need to thrive. We provide a detailed service record to ensure you are aware of your tank’s condition and any recommendations/requirements for our next service visit.

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Saltwater Reef Aquarium Design and Installation

We are masters in the art and science of designing and installing custom saltwater aquariums. We take a consultative approach to understand your goals and requirements, creating a design that works for your space and stylistic preferences. We act as project managers throughout the entire design-build-installation process, working closely with designers, architects and the trades. Finally, we work with you to launch your ocean and provide ongoing maintenance or train you on the care of your tank and the feeding of your stock.

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Saltwater Reef Aquarium Evaluations and Consultations

Our aquarium technicians are experienced in saltwater reef tank establishment and maintenance. If you manage your own tank but are experiencing issues, we provide a comprehensive evaluation covering your equipment, water quality, filtration and water flow, livestock health and more. For aquarium enthusiasts who are under service with another provider, we provide an independent evaluation of that service, with recommendations for improvement or a clean bill of health. Our goal is helping you to sustain a healthy, beautiful marine environment.

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As a leading provider of design, installation, maintenance and evaluation services for reef tanks in the Washington D.C. area, we invite you to reach out to us and learn how we can help you achieve your saltwater aquarium goals. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to assist!