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Aquarium & Service Evaluations and Reef Tank Consultations
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Saltwater Reef Aquarium Evaluations & Service Evaluations

Custom Aquarium Concepts, Inc. provides on-site aquarium evaluations and maintenance service evaluations for residential and commercial clients throughout the Greater Washington D.C. area. Each evaluation service visit includes:

  • Consultation to understand your concerns and saltwater/reef tank goals
  • Inspection of the marine environment and tank cleanliness
  • Visual evaluation of tank inhabitants (fish, invertebrates and coral) health
  • Testing of water quality and other parameters as required

Our aquarium service technicians are carefully screened saltwater reef experts and enthusiasts who have the knowledge and experience to provide professional evaluation services to improve marine environment health and provide honest feedback on your current service quality.

Aquarium Maintenance
Aquarium Evaluations

Aquarium Evaluations

This service evaluates all aspects of your aquarium, and is helpful if you are having issues or are concerned with the overall health of your aquarium. One of our well-trained staff will thoroughly review all pertinent aspects of the aquarium. This includes a look with a trained eye, testing of specific water parameters, reviewing the equipment for proper functionality and performance, and taking a history with you to help solve any issues you may be having.

At the conclusion of the service, you will receive a report that covers the following areas:

  • Water quality analysis and water flow readings
  • Equipment evaluation, including the tank, tank stand, tank canopy, tank lighting, filtration system, skimmer, sump and other components
  • Hardscape evaluation, including dry/live sand, drive/live rock, plantings and decor as appropriate
  • Health and compatibility evaluation of fish, invertebrates and coral
  • Suggestions for additional fish, invertebrates and coral, if appropriate
  • Suggestions for marine environment improvements or modifications

Our goal is to provide those recommendations that will improve the health of your tank livestock and the overall marine environment in concert with your aquarium goals and other constraints.

Maintenance Service Evaluations

This service is designed for prospective clients who are considering having their aquarium professionally serviced or those who are experiencing issues or dissatisfaction with their current aquarium maintenance service provider. One of our professional aquarium service technicians will thoroughly evaluate your aquarium and provide a review of the current state of your marine environment and tank cleanliness. Whether you are looking for a second opinion or validation of your current maintenance service or are a DIY marine enthusiast looking for honest feedback on the condition of the aquarium, we can help. We’ll provide you with honest feedback and outline steps for improvement or assist with the transition to an aquarium maintenance service agreement with our company.

Aquarium Maintenance

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As a leading provider of aquarium evaluation and maintenance services for reef tanks in the Washington, D.C. area, we invite you to reach out to us and learn how we can help you maintain and improve your saltwater aquarium. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you in reaching your saltwater aquarium goals.